Terms and Conditions

Peaceful Place Hypnotherapy – Terms and Conditions

*Covid 19: Please do not attend if you have any symptoms – Cough/Temperature/Loss of taste or smell/ feel unwell in any way.

Please read my terms and conditions before coming for your first session as I will be asking you to sign when you first attend for therapy.

Length of Sessions:

Standard Session (approx. 1 hour) – £65 

Stopping Smoking session (1-2 hours) – £130


Payment can be made by cash, cheque or bank transfer at your first session.

Cancellation and refund policy:

Time is spent preparing your therapy plan prior to your visit. 

For this reason, if you do not attend for your appointment as arranged, a fee may still be due.

If you need to change your appointment or cancel please give me at least 24 hours notice. 

Illness or accident will of course be taken into consideration.

If you are unwell, or have anything infectious, please get in touch to reschedule (unless you have booked an online session). Even if this is within the 24 hours prior to the appointment.


If you arrive late/ log online late you will only receive the remainder of your session time, unless I can provide a full session. Full payment will still be required for the session you booked even if it is shorter due to your lateness.

Outcomes following a session:

Hypnotherapy involves your participation too.

Positive results may be noticed immediately, or sometimes take a few days or longer as your mind processes the new ways and ideas.

Therapy is based on the information you give me, so please ensure this is as complete and as truthful as possible. 

Levels of success and numbers of sessions may vary, and as with other therapies a particular outcome can not be guaranteed.

Termination of treatment by me:

Abusive and anti social behaviour will not be tolerated. If this occurs then treatment will immediately be discontinued and no refunds given.

I may also terminate your treatment if you repeatedly cancel or are late.

Termination of treatment by you:

You are able to terminate a course of treatment at any time. Refunds would be at my discretion.

Please be aware that instant results are not always noticed following treatment, your commitment and motivation are also vital in addition to therapy.

You may also choose to put sessions on hold due to changes in circumstances, and restart at a more appropriate time.


Please phone me to reschedule if you have any type of illness which could be passed to me, even if this is on your appointment day.

If I am unwell, I will contact you to reschedule. 

Success of treatment:

A successful outcome depends on not only the hypnotherapy treatment given, but also on your participation and motivation. This particularly applies to weight loss and stop smoking therapy.

For this reason no refunds will be given for treatment already given. 

If you have a complaint, or are not happy about your treatment then please contact me first by e-mail vanessa@peacefulplacehypnotherapy.com so we can hopefully  resolve any issue quickly.


Your personal information and contents of our sessions are strictly confidential, and I will not discuss this content with anyone else, except in the following circumstances:

  • I feel you are at risk of serious harm to yourself or others. I may then contact the emergency services, Police or your GP.
  • The court or police ask me for information. I would seek advise first from my supervisor or professional body.
  • I may need to discuss your treatment with my supervisor or another therapist, if this was the case your identity would not be used.
  • If it is necessary to contact your GP to authorise or advise on treatment this will be kept confidential, and I would discuss this with you first.
  • Any written reports requested by doctors, courts, insurance etc. would only be released with your written permission. These would cost £30.

Data Storage:

Notes and written information are locked up when not in use, or are held on password protected devices.

Notes are kept for seven years under data protection law, then destroyed. 

Online Sessions:

You agree that we are bound by UK Law during online sessions

Online sessions are not available to clients in USA and Canada

You will have read and agree to my terms and conditions before commencing the session

Payment is to be prior to the session by bank transfer or cleared cheque

You understand a strong wifi signal is necessary and will accept a short call from me to check this prior to your session

You agree to provide me with the phone number of a friend/family member/neighbour who I could contact to check on you if there was any emergency

You will ensure other people and any pets remain in another room for the duration of the session (there is a risk of others going into trance if present)

You will not record any of the session

Please discuss with me any further information you may require, prior to agreeing these terms and conditions

Email vanessa@peacefulplacehypnotherapy.com prior to the session to confirm you have read and agree to these terms and conditions, and to provide the emergency contact number

Please sign and date below to indicate you have read, and you agree to my terms and conditions.

Please ask if you require any further information/clarification from me before you sign.

Signed……………………..                          Date……………

Print name………………………………….

If I have asked you to check with your GP or other Doctor before commencing hypnotherapy, please sign below to indicate you have done/will do so/choose not to check with your GP (delete as applicable)

Signed………………………                         Date……………

Print name………………………………….

You are advised to seek legal advise before having hypnotherapy for an issue you may wish to pursue through a Court of Law or if you are a witness to a crime.

For further information regarding this please discuss with me before having hypnotherapy.

Please sign below to indicate you have taken legal advise / do not want to pursue a criminal case.

Signed……………………………………..    Date……………………….

Print name…………………………………

Thank you, and welcome to Peaceful Place Hypnotherapy